Here's where we give all our happy customers a chance to tell you how wonderful we are. If you would like to tell the world how wonderful we are, simply Click Here to send us your glowing email to testimonial to testimonial@DiamondSea.com.

Just so you know who the letters are addressed to, Brian Gallagher is the President of DiamondSea.com and Pete Mendicino is the VP. The two of us do pretty much all the work here. It's a small shop, and we keep it that way to keep the prices low and the service great. Our helpful and/or satirical comments are in [small italic brackets]. Chris J. Kristovich over at Virtual Jewelers.com just started with us and sent us this wonderful letter describing how he likes our service.

Hi Brian!

We have been looking for a service like yours for some time now. There are a few service competitors that you have out there. But either their formats are not as flexible and always the content of some of the vendors they list is in all honesty a mixed bag at best. The way I have been doing our diamond lists has been to say the least very time consuming. Given the fact
that as much as I'd like to master MySQL and other automated web apps better and have almost gotten to the point of implementing this on one of our servers there was always the problem of compiling data for thousands of diamonds on a real-time if not routine basis

Then I was fortunate enough to stumble onto DiamondSea.com. The answers to my prayers. Not only do you feature vendors with better quality inventories, which we always have stressed at VirtualJewelers.com, we really appreciate the level of service. How you listen to our suggestions and then quickly implement them, Wow...your so flexible! And more importantly how quick you help me out of a jam when I screw up a form or something. Most importantly the html templates feature allows me to easily blend your service into to our site so well it is virtually seamless in appearance. This is just too easy. Working with your format and existing templates that I have for our site I had things up and running in less than 20 minutes.

The very modest monthly fee that you charge is an incredible value. I can't sing your praises loud enough! Alex and I get inventory e-mailed to us usually in MS Excel attachments from diamond dealers on a fairly consistent basis. Any dealers that have goods that meet our specs will be referred to you. We have a couple more that we work with now that we will try to send your way. You really have a good thing going here.

To me time is money. What you have enabled me to do is to free up more of my time. Time that I can devote to more marketing content for the rest of VirtualJewelers.com.

You guys are simply the best.

Very Truly Yours,
Chris J. Kristovich

In the beginning, there was Baruch Gutwein. He got word that we were working on this system back when it was in the design stage, and called us almost every day asking "Can I start using it yet?" As our first official "guinea pig" he helped us refine the site into exactly what the industry needs, providing valuable insight into how the diamond business works and suggestions on how to make it as simple as possible to use without sacrificing any of the power that it offers. He usually calls a few times a week with more suggestions and tweaks that he would like to see, most of which we have implemented almost immediately. It is great to have our clients involved in the design process, suggesting new features that will make the service even better for everyobody! So, without further ado, here is Baruch Gutwein to tell you why you should be sending us all your money (or at least $90/month of it) for our service.

Baruch Gutwein, President & CEO
Baruch Gutwein Diamonds, Inc.
Manufacurers & Diamond Cutters: SuperbCert™ Super-Ideal H&A branded LOGO and www.superbcert.com

It is a great pleasure for me to enthusiastically recommend DiamondSea.com to all of you in the diamond and jewellry trades!!

Brian Gallagher and Pete Mendicino's DiamondSea search engine has immeasurably expanded our exposure to wholesale and retail jewelers around the world and thereby indirectly to the public and dramatically increased our SALES!!

DiamondSea's diamond database allows us to provide our clients with literally up-to-the-minute updates of our diamond inventories! GIA and AGS Certificates, Sarin Reports, and our Trademarked Laser-Inscription Logo are displayed in color for each diamond! In addition, we show an availibility index for each diamond, indicating whether a particular stone is in "Stock" on "Memo", or "Sold". These features save us and our clients tremendous time by eliminating back-and-forth phone calls and the faxing of documents!

All we have to do on our end is update the database (which we do several times a day in just a few minutes). All maintenance, trouble-shooting, and programming features are handled by Brian and Pete exclusively. This allows us to concentrate totally on our business of manufacturing and cutting!

Brian and Pete are a real pleasure to work with:
[ ...and we didn't even pay him for this part ! ]

First, they are extremely computer knowledgeable and savvy and have instantaneously converted our ideas into highly functioning programs. They intuitively grasp what we are looking for and can convert our requests into highly workable solutions.

Second, they are constantly refining current programs and building new programs to maintain Superbcert.com literally on the "Cutters-Edge"! They are in constant communication with our SuperbCert™ Authorized Vendors, wholesale and retail clients to maintain the smooth functioning of DiamondSea and the availibility of our diamonds.

Third, they are always available! Lines of communication are OPEN and their response time to us is fantastic!

Last, Their prices are incredible! When you consider the beauty and totality of the DiamondSea.com package and the services provided, you are indeed getting a fantastic bargain! I am "Virtually" certain you will not find such a price package anywhere else!

My friends, Diamond selling on the Internet is no longer the wave of the future; it is the wave of the NOW and will continue to grow and expand as we head into the Millenium. Insure that you are part of this exciting and profitable venture by signing up with DiamondSea.com immediately. You'll be glad you did!

Happy selling,
Baruch Gutwein
(212) 921-0635

From Martin Sheffield, President of www.UsaCertedDiamonds.com. He was our first Retailer "guinea pig" for the DiamondSea.com service. So far, we have implemented just about every suggestion and request he has made since the beginning. His excitement and enthusiasm about our service helped keep us sane during those all-night programming sessions we went through so that you wouldn't have to. If you have any doubts as to how wonderful we are, give him a call and he'll tell you.

Dear Brian,

It is with great pleasure that I am sending you this testimonial:

I am owner of U.S.A. Certed Diamonds, one of the major Internet diamond companies in North America.

DiamondSea.com is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to transmit the data on just those diamonds from your favorite dealers that you chose to deal with. It is especially useful when you have clients who want half, three quarters, full caraters, and larger, and you want to deal with those wholesalers whom you trust and who you deal with on a daily basis.

By simply entering the data into your search engine you instantly know what diamonds are available from your select group of private dealers.

By the way, it's also a great way to meet up with new diamond wholesalers. Instead of you phoning your wholesaler, you'll basically be calling them and telling them which one of their diamonds you have sold. You also program your own markups into the system as well. Brian and Pete are always there to help you with absolutely everything.

I now have a guaranteed number of clients who call me every week and I know that that one phone call will definitely end up with a sale. DiamondSea.com provides all my clients with a detailed Virtual Certificate which instantly gives them all the information about every diamond. Once a client calls and expresses a sincere desire in a diamond, I can immediately request that diamond right on the DiamondSea site. The whole system is truly amazing.

This is the best thing that has ever happened to my site. DiamondSea.com maintains and looks after your wholesalers inventory for a small fee every month. You save yourself hours and hours of aggravation with diamond pricing every month.

You can't be without DiamondSea. With DiamondSea you'll be busy closing sales...not constantly fidgeting with the prices on your web site.

I truly recommend DiamondSea as an invaluable tool.

Best Regards,
Martin Sheffield, G.G., G.J., A.A.
Graduate Gemologist Gemmological Institute of America
G.J. Graduate Jeweller, A.A. Accredited Appraiser

Here's one from Ray Elsey, the CEO of Tradeshop.com, the Internet's first Diamond Retailer online (as far as we know). Not only have we designed the current service we're plugging to you now, we actually started the whole Internet Diamonds thing in the first place. This is why we have more experience with this type of service than anyone else on Earth. We did it first, and we do it best. This letter even tells you how we got into this business in the first place. (Lucky You!)

Letter of Recommendation and shameless adoration
From the C.E.O. of Tradeshop Incorporated...

Brian and Pete,

I want first to say that this letter is long overdue, partly because of what you did for me...

In short, I had a dream. I also had a manually typed list that I uploaded into my then partially developed web pages, already known widely for the creative custom and the experts on the phones, craftsmen interested in the most superior product, not the most commission, for my plan also included "no sales clerks"...

Then I get a call from Brian Gallagher, saying "I want that diamond on this list, but why is this list not a dynamic search engine, where a person and quickly move to what they want?" I chuckled and said "I don't understand what you mean, but if you can show me I might build that wedding ring for free if I really like it"... Well, when I woke up in the morning I went to the office and I got a call from this "brash young man" saying, "type this address in"... ...and "Poof" the planets first working dynamic search engine was in large measure born... I sat in awe, and most certainly did not miss the chance to build that ring for Brian, and more than that...

To remember that in a world of many words and little follow-through, that this young man built a working cgi proto-type of the search engine for Tradeshop overnight, which kept me so darned busy this letter took three years to finish!!!

[ Be sure to plug yourself here, Ray!]

Serves you right, for making me so busy here, I get out to lunch about once a month, if I am really lucky!!! I've won the NetGuide On-Line's five star award", been featured in hard bound books about how excellent the web can really be, and Internet Business Magazine, as the "Crown Jewels of the Internet", so like how am I to get any rest guys {Grin}... See what you have done!!!

[Better do it again in case they missed it!]

I am a humble man [Just ask him. He'll spend the next hour telling you how humble he is!], and to say how profoundly and sincerely you have enriched both my business and my life it is hard to find the words...

This is not just a fast letter about what a nice job you have done for me, both you Brian and Pete, but rather to say that in a world of dreamers and schemers you ring as true as a bell, and your contribution to my business, and thru that to benefit the real people of the world with technology and the guidance to be effective is the greatest gift possible to give a Republican from Oregon, a tax free state by the way {Grin again}... ...but the real worth of that gift? Let my clients speak to that for me, I cannot find the words, they did...

[Boy, he sure is wonderful, isn't he? ;-)]

If I were to be asked by a prospective client about what to expect from DiamondSea.com I would smile and say, without any reservation, "these guys are going to be the best thing that you ever did, in your desire and dream to embrace the internet, for in a world where things move at the speed of light you have no time to waste, and when each day ends there are a thousand new store/sites doing similar plans to what you wanted to do... In a world that runs on the razor's edge of change and evolves years in hours it is a great comfort to know that I have Brian and Pete on board, for good advise and direction... For I think that good businessmen are not wise to do things they do not know, and by seeing Brian and Pete as the creative and talented people they are I am better prepared to meet the future with the needed technology in place, effectively, and make it count.

[His shameless self-promotion section]

So, while taking three years I want you guys to know that you are both friends, wizards, as close to magic as it gets in the diamond the jewelry industry, the ads say the magic is in the diamond, but you put the magic in my hands, and the hands of the average man, and that is a gift you gave the world greater than you understand... You guys have actually changed the world of diamonds with me, and forever more given information and pricing, combined with our Gemology Pages, which are recommended by the Encyclopedia Britanica by the way, and in large measure, I owe it to you guys... "I'm just damn glad, as a Republican from Oregon" that I didn't have to pay what is was really worth!!! Priceless gentlemen, totally and most excellently priceless... ...and as the internet's leading diamond brokers, of a personal nature, I know "Flawless" when I see it...

Ray Elsey, Tradeshop Incorporated
"Where dreams come true for real people"
Pete, Brian, may all your dreams come true, for real...

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