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STS Testimonials

Here are some testimonials and configuration details from some of the many people using STS.

You view some of the sites that people are using on the STS Sites page.

Power States

Hi, Brian,

I can't thank you enough for your work.

As for how I implemented my site -

I have the following contributions installed over my OSC 2.2MS2 (in the order in which I installed them):

  • Simple Template System (STS) by Brian Gallagher
  • Header Tag Controller by Linda McGrath et al.
  • Guest Account version 2.2 Re-packaged by Adam Camuti orig By Ole Byskov (olby) / Ian Davidson
  • Review Approval System v1.2 (MS2) by Tuncay Goncuoglu et al
  • All_Products by Will Ross for UJP Co.
  • X-Sell v2.2 by Adam Knowles
  • Dynamic Mopics by Joshua Dechant
  • ot_lotalty_discount v1.0 Simon Pritchard
  • Graphic buttons from OSC MAX

Using FrontPage I introduced background images to both left and right columns, and footer areas - I decided to use the stylesheet to do some of this but I could have just as easily placed those graphics in the template html file. I placed my header graphic into the header table so I could use a hyperlink map on it.

My graphics were created with the intent that they should complement one another - the header image being the focus while the others accent or complement the header image. I set all tables to fit my 750px wide format and centered the tables, set the background color (in the stylesheet), and the table background colors (using the template html file) so as to stand out from the background.

So, there you have it.

Without STS it took me days to figure out where to go and what to do to make these changes I made in seconds with FP and STS.

Just for grins I tried using the stock OSC to create my current site and just couldn't do it - I was killing myself over it. Then I tried Zen Cart - very nice version of OSC but in the end did not lend itself to what I wanted to do as it became harder and harder to implement changes. So, I tried OSCMAX - which is based on BTS (Basic Template Structure contribution). Same problem as I had with Zen - just too difficult to implement changes. Finally, I came back to OSC with STS and find that I have quick and easy control over it all. Hey, if you never try anything else, you don't know how good you have it now... 8-)

Now that I have some degree of fluidity with STS and OSC I feel like I can do anything with my site - it's a real fun project now. I started with OSC and STS way back on Nov 28, 2003. I knew nothing about php - and I do mean nothing. Now I know at least enough to make me dangerous - which is, perhaps enough to be productive. The learning curve is still very steep but is getting better. STS is a crutch for me and someday, perhaps I'll drop it. For now, it means I get to keep OSC and make it work really well for me – without having to become a php geek.


Joseph Bennette

Mind Machines, CES Devices, Biofeedback
Ebooks, Ecourses, Audio

Tsunami Computer Systems UK

Hi Brian,

I'd like to submit my website as an STS example. Your contribution is
without a doubt the one that has saved me the most hair during my OSC
integration and migration from my old static/home-grown PHP site. With
the new category changes in v2 I'm absolutely over the moon! Keep up
the great work.

Best Regards,
Chris Howarth
Tsunami Computer Systems <>


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