Most of our customers are small businesses that have 1 to 100 employees, and wither can't afford or don't have a need to have a full-time computer specialist on payroll.

However, they still have many of the same needs as larger companies, and when they have a problem, they want a solution fast.

To solve these problems, we are happy to introduce Remote Support Solutions. This innovative system allows Diamond Sea to provide our clients with basic IT (Information Technology) services.

We offer two levels of Remote Support.

Simple Support: For the occasional support clients, we can set up their computer with a small high-security program that will allow us to connect to their system and do whatever work they want to have done. At the end of the support session, we can either remove the software or leave it there for if you want our assistance in the future. Services are billed on a simple time-and-materials basis and there are no contracts to sign.

Dedicated Support: For companies who want us to actively manage systems for them, we can provide a more comprensive system that will give us the additional access required to properly manage their systems and data.

With a Dedicated Support contract, we can install a Diamond Sea Support Server on your network, we can provide the following vital services for your company at a fraction of the cost of hiring even a entry-level computer person. These services include:

  • Automated Network Backups
  • Recovering Deleted Files or old versions of files
  • Real-Time Anti-Virus Protection
  • Automatic Operating System Updates
  • Spy-ware and Ad-ware removal services
  • Pop-up Blocking
  • Spam-Blocking Services
  • Remote Support
  • Remote Training
  • Software Installation Support
  • Software Inventory Management
  • Software Auditing

Our flexible architecture allows us to configure the system to suit your needs and to provide the service and support your organization needs.

Contact us for more information at and we will be happy to provide you with more information.


Automated Network Backups
Companies that suffer a catastrophic data loss are 80% likely to go out of business within 12 months.

Our personal experience has been that about 90% of small businesses fail to backup their data regularly or completely, leaving themselves vulnerable to serious problems in the event that one or more of their computers crashes.

Most people don't realize just how fragile their computers systems are, and that a single virus, if properly written and timed, could wipe out most of their computers in a matter of minutes. So far we have been lucky that none of the recent major virus outbreaks have been very harmful, but it inevitable that one or more deadly viruses will be released.

We provide a dual hard disk-based backup solution that will run automatically every day without you having to do anything!

  • No piles of backup tapes to mess with.
  • If a computer is off, it will be backed up when it is turned back on (optional)
  • No waiting for 4 hours to recover a deleted file off of a tape
  • No need to remember to switch tapes every day
  • Backs up ALL DATA on each computer, not just what you think are the important files

Restore Deleted Files and Previous Versions of Files
With other backup systems, it is a royal pain to recover your files, and it may take hours just to find your file on the backup tape(s).

Our system eliminates that problem, and lets us recover your files in a matter of minutes. We can restore files that have been deleted from the last backups.

In addition, we can recover multiple versions of a file from previous backups, so if you need the copy of your spreadsheet from last Thursday, we can get it for you.

Try doing that with your current backup system. If you even have one.


Real-Time Anti-Virus Protection
About half of business we visit for the first time have no anti-virus protection at all. About half of those that have anti-virus installed do not have it set up correctly and/or do not have current virus definitions.

That means that about 75% of companies we visit for the first time do not have a reliable anti-virus protection system. Odds are, you don't either.

If that doesn't scare you, it should. Today's viruses can infect millions of computers across the world in less than 15 minutes from when they are launched.


Consulting Solutions
No matter what your needs, we have the experience and talent to make it happen.

  • Web Site Design
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Customized Email Solutions
  • Spam-Blocking Services
  • Custom Programming
  • System Integration
Remote Support
Using our cutting edge collection of tools we can provide remote support to anyone with an Internet connection. We can install software, troubleshoot problems, provide software training and just about anything else over the Internet.
Consulting Solutions
No matter what your needs, we have the experience and talent to make it happen. We can provide you with an affordable solution that will meet your needs.
Building Online Communities
With custom solutions featuring the finest in message boards, chat rooms and portal systems, we can support your efforts in building online communities to enhance your business.
Open-Source Support
We are advocates of open-source projects and contribute our resources to a number of open-source projects. Our focus is usually related to user-interface and customization issues. Our goal is to make programs that are powerful and flexible and make them easy to use and configure. We encourage evaluating open-source solutions whenever you are looking for a solution for your business needs.
Managed Mailing Lists
We provide solutions for managing your Opt-In Mailing Lists to comply with all spam-related laws. Users can add and remove their addresses from the lists with no action needed on your part.


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