Here are just some of the benefits of your Diamond Sea membership:

• Close more sales by showing customers inventory you can get, even
though it is not in your store. "I don't have what you want in the store
right now, but here is one I can have here tomorrow that is exactly what
you are looking for"

• Add tens of thousands of diamonds worth millions of dollars to your
inventory without the traditional expense

• Provide a customer-friendly way of showing them inventory not
currently in your store, including scanned certificates, photographs,
BrillianceScope reports and animations, Sarin and OGI reports, and
details about each diamond

• No custom software required

• No sophisticated computer skills needed

• Simple enough for your Mother to use

Utilize Diamond Sea's Services to
increase sales substantially.

Combine the ease and flexibility of Internet
technology with the typical retail margin that
you need to maintain your business.

Diamond Sea manages inventory for nationwide jewelry chain.
Over 30,000 diamonds available in inventory!

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