DiamondSea Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of adding DiamondSea to your store's operations:

Connect Directly to Your Suppliers

With DiamondSea you are directly connected with your suppliers' diamond inventory. The moment they update their inventory it is updated in your inventory as well.

No more hoping that the diamond on the list they faxed you is still in stock!

Simple to Use
Our system is so simple to use, training typically takes no more than ten minutes over the phone. Searches are so simple your customers can do it themselves!

Increase Customer Involvement
Traditionally, to find a diamond that you didn't have in-stock required going into a back office and calling around. Now you don't have to leave the customer - just search for what they want, or have them do it, increasing

Superior Customer Service
DiamondSea has years of experience developing the most powerful and flexible diamond database and now we have extended the technology to bring the benefits to your brick-and-mortar retail store.

We are Computer Experts ( So You Don't Have to Be )
Increase sales by being able to show and provide stones not in your vault to meet customer needs. Bring them back the next day and show them exactly what they are looking for, instead of just what you have in stock. Have them coming back to your store, not shopping around to see what your competitors might have.

With low monthly dues that will more than pay for itself with a single sale, no customized equipment to buy, and no long-term contracts, you can start taking advantage of our service today and not have to worry about affording it tomorrow.
Our services typically run only US$90/month per store. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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